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Treatment for Mood, Anxiety and
Trauma-Related Disorders

Offering support and care for adults, children, adolescents and their families

Accepting help is your first step.

Insight Behavioral Health Centers – with locations in California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Texas and Washington – offers higher levels of care for children, adolescents, adults and their and families facing serious emotional and behavioral health concerns.

Our approach is rooted in evidence-based treatment that helps our patients learn to manage their symptoms while also seeking to understand the underlying issues impacting their behavior and emotions. Our goal is to equip patients with the tools necessary to create the healthy, rewarding life that supports their personal values.

If you are in crisis, we understand how overwhelming it can be to take that first step towards seeking help. All we ask is that you reach out. Our team of caring, compassionate professionals are here to guide you along your path of healing and recovery.

You are not alone.

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Our Story: Specialty Care & Individualized Treatment

In addition to treating patients with mood and anxiety disorders, we provide treatment for patients who have experienced trauma, including post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and traumatic invalidation. In this video, Lara Schuster Effland, LICSW and Clinical Director for Insight Behavioral Health Centers, describes the path to healing and acceptance that patients can expect within our care.

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