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Admissions Process

For Patients

Our Expert Team is With You Every Step Along the Way

The choice to enter treatment for mental health issues is not an easy one. But, this choice may be exactly what you need. 

Insight Behavioral Health Centers offers services to those seeking intensive help for mood, anxiety or trauma-related disorders or substance abuse issues. We can help you recover the life you deserve — a life centered around your values — a life worth living.

Help begins with a phone call

If you have questions about the adult or adolescent treatment options at Insight, our Clinical Assessment team, made up of Master’s-level therapists, is just a phone call away. Our team members can help you decide if Insight is right for you by answering your questions and conducting a clinical assessment.

The initial clinical assessment takes about an hour. It can be completed in person or over the phone. If you desire, we can also speak with family members that understand your situation as well as any mental health professionals that you are currently working with. Family members and loved ones may also reach out to us on your behalf. 

Please know that all correspondence with us is confidential. Above all, we want you to feel safe and supported during our communications.

Choosing the right treatment center

Following your assessment, we will make a recommendation regarding the appropriate Insight treatment program and level of care to best address your unique needs. We will carefully explain our treatment recommendations to you so that you can understand what to expect at each step of the recovery journey. 

The levels of care offered at Insight include:

It’s important to know that these levels of care vary by location. For those who need medical or psychiatric care around the clock, our Residential programs may be an ideal fit.

In some cases, we may find that other community resources may serve you better than our own treatment programming. If this is the case, we will refer you directly to trusted individuals in the community. Our specially-trained staff members will discuss the recommended path with you. 

Getting started with care

Our team members will greet you upon arrival and walk you through the admissions and intake process — guiding you along the path to recovery, answering your questions, and offering support.

We believe that recovery “takes a village” and are committed to working with you, your family members and your community healthcare providers. Once treatment begins, family members may be incorporated in family therapy sessions. The engagement of these support networks is crucial to creating a sustainable recovery.

Should you choose to enter treatment with us, you may wonder about how to pay for treatment. Our insurance specialists work closely with insurance providers to help you leverage the fullest extent of your mental health benefits. In many cases, insurance will cover the cost — or a portion of the cost — of your mental health treatment. 

Your length of stay will depend on your unique diagnosis and recovery needs. We are proud of our skills in advocating for appropriate coverage for all of our patients and we also offer alternative payment and financing options, if needed.

Helping you thrive in recovery

From your first call to your last day of treatment and beyond, the Insight team will walk beside you and support you on the journey to lasting recovery. Call us at (877) 711-1878 to learn more about our treatment programs. 

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