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Adult Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment

Meeting Patients Where They Are and Guiding Them to Recovery 

Insight Behavioral Health Centers is removing the barriers that can keep patients with anxiety, trauma and mood disorders from receiving treatment. Through telebehavioral health programming, our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (Virtual IOP) now offers the same world-class care—and outcomes—as our in-person treatment centers of excellence, for patients who:

  • Live in locations with limited access to treatment

  • Have time constraints due to work, school or family obligations

  • Are reluctant to receive treatment in-person

Flexible, Individualized Treatment to Meet Patient Needs

With just a computer and internet connection, patients can participate in a comprehensive, guided treatment program from their home, office, college dorm or other private place, no matter where they are in life or in their journey to recovery. 

  • Led by our team of licensed, renowned professionals with extensive training in telebehavioral health ethics and delivery

  • Collaborative care teams – therapist, psychiatrist and dietician provide virtual online therapy and treatment

  • Small group sessions that allow patients to connect with peers and practice their skills in a supportive setting

  • Joint Commissioned Accredited Programs

  • Secure, encrypted software ensures therapy sessions are confidential and HIPAA compliant

  • Program offered in evening hours to accommodate busy schedules

Structured for Convenience

Three, 3-hour groups weekly including:

  • Evidence-based, skills-focused groups (DBT, CBT, ACT, RO-DBT)
  • Process-oriented group therapy
  • Behavior modification group therapy (Exposures, Behavioral Activation)
  • ​One weekly individual/family therapy session

Proven Outcomes: Care Without Compromise

Through our partnership with Eating Recovery Center, we are the nation’s foremost health care system dedicated to the treatment of mood, anxiety and eating disorders.  Patients in our Virtual IOP receive the same evidence-based treatment and proven protocols we deliver through our on-site treatment programs.

2017-2018 Virtual IOP Research Outcomes

 Program results in exceptional patient satisfaction.

  • 100% felt connected to facilitators and group members

  • 97% feel treatment has increased their chances of improving their health

  • 98% agreed they were able to utilize videoconferencing technology effectively

  • 98% agreed that staff created a recovery focused environment

Virtual Care Can Be the Healing Path for Patients Who:

  • Have limited access to treatment, time constraints or other obstacles that have kept them from getting care
  • Have been diagnosed with a mood, anxiety, or trauma-related disorder (e.g., Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar I/II Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, etc.)

  • Are experiencing related symptoms causing significant distress/dysfunction in work, school, family life, or social connection

  • Are engaging in ineffective coping behaviors, such as self-harm, suicidal rumination/behavior, isolation, avoidance of school/work, disordered eating, substance misuse, excessive media use, risky behavior, creating conflict with loved ones

  • Have the ability to maintain safety (e.g. no self-harm requiring medical care, no active suicidality or severe SI, no patterns of violent behavior towards others)

  • Are willing to work on limiting any substance misuse, with a goal of reducing or abstaining from substances, and do not have a primary substance use disorder diagnosis requiring intensive specialty intervention

  • Have struggled to gain traction or progress in outpatient treatment

  • Do not have access to recommended/specialized care or the appropriate level of care

  • Would benefit from more structure/support to progress in treatment goals available at the outpatient level of care

  • Feel isolated or are without supportive others who “get it”

Virtual IOP Locations and In-Network Insurers

•             California: Anthem, Cigna, First Health
•             Ohio: Anthem, Cigna, Medical Mutual of Ohio
•             Texas: Cigna

Compassionate care is within reach. If you live in California, Ohio or Texas, call us to consult with a masters-level clinician at 877-410-9105

“The virtual intensive outpatient program has been helpful because it provides a support system and created a group where I feel safe and where I belong.” 

“I like the convenience of being able to do this from home!” 

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