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Mood, Anxiety & Trauma-Related Disorders

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We’ve all had times when we struggle with depression or anxiety. So how do we know when these feelings are more serious and that it’s time to get help? Below are links to online screenings that you can take to help determine if you could benefit from specialized care.

Mood Disorder Quiz

Mood disorders are psychological conditions characterized by a serious change in mood, either an elevation (mania/high mood) or lowering (depression/low mood).

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Anxiety Disorder Quiz

Anxiety can appear in anticipation of something — or alongside a variety of life stressors: traumatic events, financial worries, loss of a loved one, divore or during a major life transition. 

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Trauma-Related Disorder Quiz

A traumatic event is an event involving relational trauma, death, serious injury or sexual violence. These events can be threatened or actually experienced. 

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Mental health illnesses are complex and require specialized care. At Insight Behavioral Health Centers, we use an evidence-based team approach to provide you holistic care with an expert team, including a therapist, psychiatrist, physician and more who will work together to create a customized treatment plan for you.

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